When you buy a Hogan Woodworks swing, you directly contribute to my family’s welfare, as well as others’. 5% is donated to our local foodbank and another 10% to our church. Our dream is to build our own home and pay for it in a few years, not 30. Your purchase helps us make that dream come true.



I recommend that you use a running bowline knot to hang your swing. An illustrated guide can be found at

Lifetime Guarantee

Though you should never need to take advantage of it, your swing seat is guaranteed for as long as you own it.Whether it breaks (which it won’t) or your kid saws it in half (which he might), it will be replaced. Simply email a picture of the broken swing, including the brand on the underside, and I’ll send you a new seat for the cost of S/H. If your swing doesn’t have a handcrafted brand on the underside, it wasn’t purchased at full price and isn’t covered by the lifetime guarantee.


My hope is that your swing will provide years of fun for you and your family. However, it will require proper installation and maintenance. I accept no responsibility for the hanging, use, safety, and main- tenance of your swing. It is your responsibility to inspect the entire rope swing before each use. By purchasing this swing, you accepted all associated risks and full and unconditional responsibility.